HEXA Scalp

HEXA Scalp


This BOT is the first of its kind in the world. It is based on Machine learning and artificial intelligence and is not based on any price indicators. This BOT is able to analyze the market in terms of support, resistance, trends and identify the trend. It is also based on reading and dealing with fast market data from important news - this is a high risk robot and trades in all bear and bull market conditions - the BOT works here on the daily frame only and on the 5 largest Volume pairs in market capitalization of the first 30 currencies - and during its trial in The last 4 years, my biggest drawdown was between 30: 40%, but it has made a profit of over 3000% in 4 years cumulatively without withdrawing from the capital without any human intervention at all - and its average annual profit is 70-300% - The BOT has few trades, but it enters appropriate volumes in one transaction and also enters by breaking the resistance in the bull market, do not be surprised by its entry points among the support in the bear market - the bot is very suitable for investment and not for day trading - but it is suitable for any capital from 500 : million dollars without any problems.

Max Open Trades : 25

Avg Profit : 70 : 300 %

AVG Open Orders : 5

Minimum Balance : 3000 $

Avg Loss : -20 : 40 %

Trading in all automated trading systems in USDT pairs You are obligated to hand over the wallet 100% USDT We will not transfer your balance even if it is BUSD and we will not sell your coins This is a required for the bot to work
Statistics - Overall


-3.10 %

Total Profit

-29.13 $

AVG Profit %


AVG Profit

-29.13 $

Open Positions




Trades Profit%


Trades Profit$

  • share profit 20 %
  • Total investors money 938.35
  • ROI 11%
  • Total Profit -29.13 $
  • WEEKS 15 Months
  • Maximum Drawdown


  • Investors 206
  • Last Update 2023-10-01