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choosing us to Investment & Financial Services  and have the complete peace of mind that means working with a professional online Crypto investment company.

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you do not deposit any thing for Exaado - your mony on your wallet and we lead with API only

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You always get a personal and direct approach to answer your questions.

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The most important goal in our company beside profit you r security and safe of your data  we assure you we use all ant latest security and encryption methods to save your data

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Only pay annual fee for your server or when you collect a profit

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The Expected Profit $600

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Your one-stop guide to all things crypto. Whether you're a rookie trying to understand mining or a veteran looking to develop a trading strategy, we've got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a brilliant referral system in the form of an invitation code through which you can invite a friend or relative and receive a commission ranging from 5% to 20% of the subscription value.

The grace period is only seven days, after which the funds are no longer refundable.

Our bots only use our strategy, which has been tested over a year and a half of backtesting, and we do not use external strategies.

It's expected to achieve annual results ranging from 30% to 70%. These percentages are based on previous years' profits and the automated trading bot's profit rates.

There is no issue, but we deal with the account as if it belongs to only one person and we won't be concerned about internal dealings between you.

Only spot trading, as future trading is forbidden by Sharia so we do not have and will not deal with it.

Only digital currencies are accepted.

90% of bots trade in exchange for the dollar, but if there is a bot that trades in exchange for bitcoin, then there is no problem and you can select it.

No, each bot has its characteristics, methods, and how it works. The expected profits and the risks are all written down for each bot.

Payment is only accepted in digital currencies via the Exaado Payment Gateway. It is unique to the site and it is associated with us. It displays a wallet address specific for the transaction and an invoice within the site and you are not transferred to another site.

The system is no different now, with specialized bots based on capital, and with a capital of more than $50,000, there is a so-called "combo bot," in which the capital is divided among multiple bots and special strategies.

No, and we are always looking for currency projects, so if you see anything suspicious, please report it to the system.

No dangerous at all for all important Data and auto Trading system and critical data not stored in the same server

Our service is and from our side we use a top notch in security method and encryption every data in every page of our website and servers

No needed it's our job and will done it after the trading cycle finish and before share profit

How to creat api key in binance Account

Yes, you can sell your membership, but you must sell it at the same price and basic value that we have, and the email, ID, and other data will be changed. And our obligations will be the same as it was to the previous member under his bundle and membership.

Profit sharing means that profits are calculated at the end of the current trading cycle and an agreed-upon percentage is deducted. You send it yourself on the wallet provided by the site, along with the invoice.

Unless a manual trader is selected, all trading is now done by automated trading bots with no manual intervention. 90% of the bots are "automated trading," and there is a section for manual trading based on your service preference.